Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Robin's Development Branch

As said earlier, we can now also provide access to the developer branches in the Bro repository. The first one is my primary work branch into which I usually commit my changes before they get merged into trunk. This includes new features as well as bugfixes, both from me and code merged in from other contributors. To check out a copy of my branch, do
svn checkout
See CHANGES.features for a list of all changes compared to trunk. Among other things, the branch contains experimental code for
  • the Bro Cluster framework
  • NetFlow support (by Bernhard Ager; will be in trunk real soon now)
  • a preliminary BitTorrent analyzer (by Nadi Sarrar and Bernhard Ager; note that this is not the latest version )
  • an XML analyzer (by Tobias Kiesling)
  • Python bindings for Broccoli
  • Restructured logic for taking drop decisions via Bro's notice framework (by Brian Tierney and me)
  • A test-suite for Bro's communication & serialization subsystems
  • Various tweaks and bugfixes.
Expect to see some information about these and other new features in upcoming postings on this blog.

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