Monday, June 9, 2008

Predicting the Resource Consumption of a NIDS

Last week at SIGMETRICS 2008, we presented a poster on Predicting the Resource Consumption of Network Intrusion Detection Systems. The extended abstract describes the work in a bit more detail; the full paper will appear at RAID 2008 later this year.


C.S.Lee said...

hi robin,

I have finished reading the abstract and this is quite useful for us to profile and build nids configuration for different site with ease. I like the way of using pcap and network flow information parsing in order to profile them. By the way will the nidsconf be released to the public and it seem I can't find tcp-reduce source anywhere though I can use ipsumdump to achieve similar result.


Richard Bejtlich said...

Cool -- I look forward to seeing the whole paper at RAID.