Tuesday, November 23, 2010

IMC'10 Paper on Illuminating Edge Networks

Earlier this month we presented the ICSI Netalyzr at the Internet Measurement Conference in Melbourne, Australia. The Netalyzr is a public edge network measurement and debugging service that evaluates the functionality provided by people's Internet connectivity. Its tests include outbound port filtering, hidden in-network HTTP caches, DNS manipulations, NAT behavior, path MTU issues, access-modem buffer capacity, and growing IPv6 support and performance. The paper is available here: The Netalyzr has been one of our major research efforts over the past two years, and we're thrilled by the popularity it has gained since we launched it—to date, Netalyzr has collected 160,000 sessions from 6,800 different organisations in 190 countries: The study is ongoing, so visit the Netalyzr website and run it yourself!

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