Monday, December 3, 2007

Posters on Architectural Work

We have been thinking about several areas of network architecture. At last week's NSF FIND PI meeting we presented two posters on some of this work.

The first poster is about finding the right network architecture to enable effective network troubleshooting. The poster is here.

The second poster deals with trying to find the right architectural elements and abstractions to enable end-hosts to retain their network standing while powering down to conserve energy. Check the poster here. (Also, you can look at the previously mentioned HotNets paper on this topic, which is available here.)

Comments on either of these efforts would be appreciated.


C.S.Lee said...

It's great to see this blog coming along, hopefully more bro usages will be covered here. And it is always interesting to read the development of ICSI Networking Group.

Thanks for the bro public repo access, it's great.

By the way, the third link in this post is broken -

Cheers ;]

Mark Allman said...

I fixed the busted link. Thanks for catching it.